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MCH ceramic heating element posture why the price than other materials heating elements to be higher?

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MCH ceramic heating element posture why the price than other materials heating elements to be higher?

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 From the electronic cigarette industry analysis MCH ceramic heating element

The traditional electronic cigarette is a metal heating wire heating element, heat effect, though able to meet demand, but other places have many deficiencies.

Most electronic cigarettes are gradually no longer choose the heating element ceramic heater using traditional metal heating wire, and. According to some of our electronic cigarette industry

The stingy household feedback information, learn:

Fever speed than traditional ceramic heating element heating wire quickly,

Before we have done, as the ceramic heating core heating collar presentations, heating rate is obvious.

Electronic cigarette industry, the use of the heating element is very extensive, and a ceramic heating element for the electronic cigarette industry, this is a considerable breakthrough, many electronic cigarette stingy users to abandon the use of traditional heating element, the heating portion of the Electronic cigarette element is able to directly see, therefore, for the heating element dirty, it will affect the customer's use. Ceramic heater is more advantageous in this respect, since the ceramic heater surface is white, the focus is not in use

Easy to dirty, from the appearance point of view, there is a feeling of high-end atmosphere on the grade.

Electric water heaters, which heat water dispenser water heating industry for its choice

More high water heating pipe heating requirements, and we also emphasized many times the safety of electric heating. Division I also made a heating pipe leakage test:

A broken pipe through 220v voltage electric voltage into the water, the water is almost close to zero voltage. Thus also proved strong ceramic heat insulating member,

Nor even a broken pipe leakage phenomenon.

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