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PTC fever tablets Overview

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PTC fever tablets Overview

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 PTC heating element refers to the automatic temperature control PTC ceramic heating element, a special ceramic material. Its production process is as follows:

Weighing milling >> >> >> granulated pre-sintered    


Sintered molding >> >> >> >> resistance on the electrode separation


>> Crimping package assembly >> >> >> withstand voltage test of trade marks


>> >> Final testing resistance detection >> Packaging >> storage

   PTC heating thermostat heating principle is: when the PTC heating element is energized, because the room temperature resistance is small, so the starting current is large, make the PTC heating element heat up quickly, leading to a rapid increase in resistance value itself into the transition zone, which when the current through the PTC heating element is very small, so that PTC heating element surface temperature is always maintained constant, the temperature only with PTC heating element of the Curie temperature and applied voltage, and substantially independent of the ambient temperature.

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