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Ceramic heating element

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Ceramic heating element

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First, the ceramic heat characteristics: 

 High temperature for baking the ceramic heating element (MCH) is directly on AL2O3 alumina ceramic green paste after printing resistance at a high temperature of about 1600 ℃ for baking, and then by a new generation of electrode leads after treatment, the production of low temperature heating element. is the second alloy heating wire, and a new generation after the PTC heating element, widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communications, medical, environmental protection, and other fields in the low-temperature heating needs. In terms of household electric appliances: A miniature hot air from warming, hair dryer, dryer, heater, air phones, dryers, electric plywood, electric irons, electric irons, straight hair, curly hair perm, electronic thermos in the electronics industry areas such as small-scale special crystal device thermostat;, cabinet, electric cooker, ceramic Toilet heater, water heater; in industries such as industrial drying technology equipment, electric adhesive, a water heater, oil and acid-base liquid trough; in health care such as infrared physiotherapy, intravenous fluid heater and so on.

  Two、 Background information: 

  With the advent of various electronic devices integrated era, electronic machine for circuit miniaturization, high density, versatility, reliability, speed and power of a higher requirement, because co-fired ceramic substrate electronic machine can meet many of the demands of the circuit, so in recent years has been widely used. Co-fired ceramic substrate, the substrate can be divided into two kinds of high-temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) substrate and the low temperature co-fired ceramic (ltcc). High-temperature co-fired ceramic LTCC compared with high mechanical strength, high wiring density, chemical stability, high thermal coefficient and low cost materials, higher thermal stability requirements, high temperature volatile gases requires a smaller, requires a higher heat sealing and packaging field, it has been more widely used. HTCC ceramic heat mainly replace the current most widely used alloy wire heating element and the PTC heating element and its components. The presence of a high temperature alloy wire heating element is easily oxidized, short life, there is fire safe, low thermal efficiency, heating and other shortcomings uneven; and heating temperature of the PTC heating element is generally only about 200 ℃, the heating temperature is higher than 120 ℃ of the commonly used four lead oxide, due to the large lead and a positive case of being out of the product.

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