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Ceramic heating element more suitable for use in the bath tub heating element

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Ceramic heating element more suitable for use in the bath tub heating element

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  Appear on the market now called bath tub products, especially suitable for winter use, you can enjoy without hands and feet and massage, which is the filial sons and daughters want to give their parents. Help elders feet arguably a virtue of the Chinese nation, and now people are together far more, then you send a bathing suit to the cold hands cold feet basin parents. However, many of which are available in the market failed bath tub, especially fever heating element is not enough, uneven heating of these problems, which led to the quality of the product on the market is mixed.

Bath tub heating element should choose good quality

  What is a good heating element? Basin for bathing, the temperature, although not very high, but it must be able to ensure that the water kept warm, to maintain a uniform heat. And heat faster, this ceramic heat can do well. Heating element among heating speed ceramic heating element can forget the fastest, and temperature uniformity, good thermal conductivity, thermal compensation advantages of speed. High-power ceramic heating element can essays between the water boiling. When

However, it does not apply to high-power heating element on the bath tub.

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