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Heating film heater origin and research

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Heating film heater origin and research

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 Heating element general principles of the hotline, the use of gravity (usually divided into two phases thermosiphons) dates back to the age of steam, the modern concept of capillary-driven heat pipe is the first proposal by the GM (General Motors) of RS Gaugler of In 1942, the idea to apply for a patent. The benefits of using the capillary action of independent research and development, for the first time show at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1963 by George Grover, subsequently published in 1964 in the Journal of Applied Physics. Grover pointed out in his notebook:

  "Heat transfer fluid by surface tension capillary movement" pump "effect, it may be sufficient to move the liquid from the low temperature region to a high temperature region (and subsequent return to the difference in vapor form for use as a driving force, in both temperature), to The heat from the heat under the cold zone. Such a closed system without an external pump, the vapor pressure of the force who are interested in moving to the radiant heat from the reactor core is of particular interest to space reactor systems must gravity of the case Only such as to overcome the capillary and dragging vapor through its channels. "

  Heating element heater in 1964 and 1966, RCA is the first late 1960s NASA played a large role in the development of the heat pipe is a significant amount of funding research on their applications and reliability in the post-space flight from Grover recommendations. NASA's attractiveness heat pipe cooling system is understandable given its low weight, high heat flux and zero power consumption. However, their main interest is based on the fact that work in zero gravity environment, the system will not be adversely affected. The first application of heat in the space program in the pipe in the heat balance of a satellite transponder. Satellite orbit, while the direct radiation exposure to the sun, while the other side is completely dark, deep cold of space exposure. This can lead to severe temperature variations (and thus the reliability and accuracy) transponders. Purpose designed heat pipe cooling system administration high heat flux, and the impact and do not exhibit perfect operation of gravity. The cooling system is the first description and variable heat transfer tube used to actively adjust the heat flow or temperature of the evaporator.

  Publications in 1967 and 1968 from outside Feldman, Eastman, applications Katzoff a first discussion of the heat pipe, the government's concern and classification, such as: air conditioning, engine cooling system, an electronic cooling temperature does not drop. These documents also presented the first-mentioned elastic arteries and flat heat pipe. 1969 publication presents the concept of rotating heat pipe and its application to the process of cooling and heat pipe turbine blades applied to a discussion at a low temperature.

  Heating element heater in the 1980s, Sony started to heat pipe cooling solution, in some places forced convection heat sink fins and passive consumer electronics products. Initially, they use the tuner and amplifier, and soon spread to other high heat density electronics applications. In the late 1990s, the increasingly fierce microcomputer CPU heat pipe prompted the number of US patent applications has increased threefold. As a specialized industrial heat pipe heat transfer components from development and production of consumer goods from the United States to Asia. Modern CPU heat pipe is usually made of copper and using water as the working fluid.

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