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PTC heating element

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PTC heating element

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PTC heating element [1] also known as PTC heaters, the use of PTC ceramic heating element and aluminum components.

It consists of an outer plate galvanized, corrugated stainless steel spring plate, galvanized plate, single aluminum radiator, ptc heating element, double aluminum fins, nickel-plated copper electrode terminals and pps electrode sheath composed of high-temperature plastic. The product is a result of u-corrugated fins to improve its cooling rate, and a combination of adhesive and mechanical advantage, taking fully into account ptc heating element at work in a variety of thermal and electrical phenomena, which combined with strong , thermal conductivity, thermal performance, high efficiency, safety and reliability. This type PTC heater has a small resistance, the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, is an automatic thermostat, energy efficient electric heater. Its outstanding feature is a big safety performance, namely in case of fan failure when stalled, PTC heater due to lack of sufficient heat, a sharp decline in its power automatically, when the surface temperature of the heater is maintained at about the Curie temperature ( Usually at 250 ℃ up and down), so as not to produce surface-electric tube type heater "red" phenomenon.

2 Main applications


Equipment required to provide the warm air conditioners, hot air curtain, dehumidifiers, dryers, dryers, heaters, car wait.

3 Features


Rapid heating, temperature can be controlled in case of fan failure, long life

Wide voltage range, can be designed between 12V-380V

Design convenient, high-power small power to any design, shape also can be designed

Do not burn, safe and reliable,

4 Advantages


1. More compact aluminum heat fast, high thermal efficiency.

2. Health and Environmental Protection no gluing healthier.

3. Long durable non-oxidizing, the service life of up to 6000 hours.

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