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Advantage of ceramic heat

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Advantage of ceramic heat

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1, simple structure;

2, rapid heating, rapid temperature compensation;

3, the power density;

4, the heating temperature is high, up to 500 ℃;

5, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, energy conservation;

6, no fire, safe to use;

7, long life, power failure to reduce;

8, the heating element and air-insulated, component acid and other corrosive substances;

Fourth, the main raw material:

1, substrate: with white alumina ceramic multilayer, а-Al2O3 content of not less than 95%

2, lead: the Ф0.48mm nickel wire.

3, casing, tape: Teflon, high temperature adhesive tape

4, the resistance: high-temperature materials such as tungsten

Fifth, the main properties:

1, the electrical properties

Insulation resistance: R≥5 × 108Ω [500VDC]

Rated applied voltage: 220VAC / 110VAC

Resistance: R + 10% (23 + 1 ℃) or according to user requirements of the contract.

2, aging test: applying 110% of the rated voltage in series with a diode-off three minutes of a cycle, a total of two cycles without exception.

3, the voltage boost test: each with 130VAC, 250VAC voltage, in series with a diode, a heating element is energized at each voltage without exception within 10 seconds. [For 230VAC heating sheet]

4, thermal testing: Under normal voltage, an electric substrate heat evenly, without exception.

5, the physical properties of

Density ≥3.6g / cm3

Flexural strength ≥260MPa

6. Lead Rally: axial direction is not less than 5Kgf, and the angle between the direction of the axis 45 is not less than 3Kgf.

7, the temperature performance:

Operating temperature 100 ~ 230 ℃: the maximum temperature of 500 ~ 700 ℃.

8, heating efficiency: up to operating temperature within 30 seconds.

9 Reliability: Installed after the opening 30 minutes, 30 minutes off the table as a loop, the loop 1000 after the test without exception.


Look no mechanical damage burr, cracks, corrosion, pollution, warpage of not more than 0.005mm / mm.

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