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PTC fever tablets Caution

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PTC fever tablets Caution

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1) PTC heating element features an automatic thermostat, no temperature control system, the PTC heating element can be energized directly.

2) When the PTC heating element for heating the liquid (water), the liquid dry out after, PTC heating element will not be damaged.

3) If the PTC heating element for heating the cold, no air time, PTC heating element will not be damaged.

4) There are four electrodes for customers to choose: printing aluminum printing aluminum + silver, meltblown aluminum, electroless nickel + silver.

5) long life, under normal circumstances the use of life up to 10 years.

6) reliable, the use of the internal characteristics of PTC heating plate temperature, never over-temperature.

7) Operating voltage is very wide. When the voltage changes 2 times the surface temperature changes very little.

8) This product does not lead to species wires and insulation, customers choose products with wire and insulation, or products with the housing.

When used in conjunction 9) a plurality of PTC heating element should be parallel, not in series.

10) Different cooling conditions so that PTC heating element of the heating power vary widely.

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