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1989 Found experimental factory by Shanghai University

1993 Found Shanghai KEDA Electronic Ceramics Co., LTD.

1999 Acquired the ISO9001 international quality certification

2001 Found Shanghai PAKE Thermistor Ceramics Co., LTD.

2003 Acquired CQC certificate of PTC heater

2005 Acquired the Creative Fund of Country of Alumina Heater

2008 Passed Shanghai sharp’s audit and produced PTC heater for air conditioner

2009 Acquired UL certification of PTC element

2010 Acquired UL certification of PTC assembly heater

2011 Found Shanghai Xinpa Thermistor Ceramics Co., Ltd. Produce PTC element

2014 Mass production of PTC heater for electric bus

2015 Develop liquid heater for new electric vehicle

2016 Acquired ISO14001, TS16949 certification

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